How to set up your customer paper sizes on Windows?

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Ⅰ. Why I need to set up the printing parameters? 

In general, our printer parameters are all set by default once 

you install the drive, as shown below >>> Size: 4 x 6 inches(102mm x 152mm) 

Speed: 6 (6 inch/s) Darkness: 8 (middling darkness) 

But if there is no paper size to match your label size, you'll need to create a new size before printing. Or you're used to printing other size label (such as 4 x 6.25 inches, ...), so you could change it to your default size. 

Ⅱ. How to set up the printing parameters? 

1. Printing Test Page 

Please follow the steps to print a test page to make sure the driver has been installed properly >>> Go to your computer start menu and turn to "Settings" option >>> Select "Devices" >>>

 Select "Printers and scanners ", then the "Jiose J500"

Click "Jiose J500" and select" Manage" >>> Select "Printer properties" >>> 

Please click "Print Test Page" 

using the the 4x6 labels 

that included in the package >>> If the test page is printed normally >>> 

It means the printer and the driver was installed correctly. 

2. Setup Printer Properties 

Click "Preference...">>> And please click the "PageSetup" on the Preferences page >>> 

On this page, you can select the size of the paper as 

your default printing size under the "Name" dropdown box >>> (the original default is 4 x 6 inches) 

If no suitable paper size to match your label size, you need to create a corresponding paper size before 

printing the label. 

So how to do it ? 

Firstly, please click "New" to edit it >>> Then, click "OK"  to save it after entering the specific data you wanted in the 

"Width" and "Height" boxes and typing a recognizable "Name" >>> 

OK, the 100mm*150mm paper size was added to the Setup >>> 


The Printing Width (Label Size Width): Min. 40mm ~ Max. 108mm (1.57~ 4.25 inches); 

The Printing Length (Label Size Height): Min. 30mm ~ Max. 300mm (1.18"~ 11.8 inches). 

NOTICE: It's necessary to select the corresponding paper size before clicking "Print" every time you 

start to print, unless the pdf label you wanted to print is match with your default paper size. 

So, if there is no suitable size selection, you'll need to create a corresponding paper size on the 

PageSetup (and you also need to run the Intelligent Label Study on the machine) before printing. 


Every time you change the label size, please run the 

Intelligent Label Study on machine before printing. 

And how to run the Intelligent Label Study on machine ? 

Please turn to the page 6th, 7th of the Jiose J500 USER GUIDE to learn how to run it. 

OK, the machine is ready to print since you have selected the corresponding paper size and also have run the 

Intelligent Label Study. Just click "Print" 

on your printing file to start J500 printing journey! 

By the way, you could also set the printing Speed and Darkness to your preference. 

Notice: Increasing the number of Speed will influence the printing effect, and increasing the number of 

Darkness will get darker print. But the high Darkness may lead to unwanted dark lines or make the label 

getting too hot and sticking to the printer head. 

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