Initial Unbox and Assemble for Jiose N43BT Printer

Created by Jiose Printer, Modified on Tue, 19 Sep 2023 at 11:29 PM by Jiose Printer

Caution: DO NOT unplug the power cable while the power switch is on. 
    Otherwise, it may affect the future usage of your printer.

Just simply follow the steps below. 

  1.  Attach the power cord to the adapter, connect the power adapter cable to the printer;

  2.  Connect the USB cable;

  3.  Turn on the power;

  4.  Adjust the guide rail;

  5.  Insert the label along the guide rail, the printer will automatically roll the first label back and forth once to identify and catch the label and position it at the tear-off point once it’s done;

  6.  Press and hold the blue button for about 2 seconds until the blue light flashes once, the printer will run a machine print test;

  7.  You may set up the printer on your [Windows] [MacOS] [ChromeOScomputer / [Android] [iPhone] cellphone once the test page is clear.

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